How can we pay back relevant results of a given search of a word, phrase and other. Search engine = mathematical algorithm that operates on predetermined solutions. What happens when a site is submitted, the results are quite simple and easy to understand, the search engine is sending a robot, spider to find a crawl on the site. The moment it is found, then authomaticaly it gets index in a HUGE database of web pages where it can be found easy by the search engine.

We all know the largest search engine, that for the moment is Google, which has 3.083.324.652 pages starting from 2002.The update of the index is made once per month, but it has begun to be made a daily Fresh one, to have the index up to date as possible. So when you are thinking that 3 billion of pages are organized and re-organized again..well..that’s a great job..

To perform this incredible job, a mathematical machine is working to organize pages and it’s extracting the relevant pages in the moment that it’s able to return a relevant result for a given search engine. Google use a very high and professional algorithm, that can be used at any moment and provides more than 100 variables when indexing and determining relevancy of a website.

The importance of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine is indexing websites, and provides the best results when visitors are looking for a search. Websites are built to be found and index later. So the matter is quite simple because the search engine is able to determine what terms worths to be found. The issues are easy, but to be put in application are not that easy.

The basic idea is that anyone can program an algorithm, an engineer a page, that can turn to be relevant and will turn to be on top every page, for every term and word searched.

The matter is that if someone can breakdown this high process, into a simple one, and can manipulate the variables, for sure he will be a competitive on the market, and then the search engine, can consider this search engine spam. To confirm that website optimizer are able to manipulate the core virtue, of search engine, in return of relevant search engine.

  The results are being manipulate very “large”, and it cause a minimizing of search engine and also the effects of search engine companies. So, if somehow the usefulness and traffic of Google has grown the traffic, a drop on the easily manipulated and abused search engines.

   Google is all the time verify the relevancy and changes the variables of the PageTank algorithm so the results to be all the time fresh and good. This is a flux of search engine and the search engine itself.

   So we are living hard competition time in SEO, because if Google would make free the variables of their algorithm, then the work itself wouldn’t be so highly pro. So, the spammers that are being a big part from the corruption and deceptive practice of SEO are standing the limits of SEO work today. The challenge in SEO is very big and hard because of this hard rules and those who are bent to deception.